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Bald Mountain Development, LLC, (BMD) is a mixed-use development company based in Aspen, Colorado. The Bald Mountain principals, David W. Parker and Kelly Foster, have significant experience in resort, residential, environmental, and commercial real estate development. Bald Mountain Development is an umbrella company from which oversees separately created entities for each project under management.

The current larger scale entities under Bald Mountain Development management include:

  • Four Peaks Development - Hyatt Grand Aspen fractional project,
    Downtown Aspen
  • Top of Mill - Luxury residential subdivision and Townhomes,
    base of Aspen Mountain
  • Bavarian Inn - Deed restricted affordable housing
    Four Peaks Real Estate - Colorado real estate sales brokerage
  • StillWater Preservation, LLC - Wetland mitigation banking and real estate development
  • Meridian Real Estate

Company Organization and Style

Bald Mountain leverages it's wide range of development skills and experience in:

  • Very high-end single family luxury products,
  • Resort/Base area/Golf projects,
  • Premium Hotel flags development,
  • Environmental/Mitigation (green hat) industry, and
  • Tower/Commercial projects

BMD has an organizational and administrative depth which takes development projects from the earliest conceptual stages to final sales. In each discipline, Bald Mountain provides seasoned leadership and experienced, professional employees working within a tested and organized administrative system.

Bald Mountain's attention to market sensitivities, public relations, environmental awareness and community priorities is a key component of the organization's management theme. The Bald Mountain team has established a reputation as community-minded development professionals who pursue business in a detailed, organized, and thoughtful way, and have cultivated an outstanding development reputation within both the public and private sectors.


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