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AEGON Center

Role: Mr. Parker - as employee of Hines and Project Manager of project.

General Development Description:

AEGON Center is a 633,650-square foot tower, which contains 18,787 square feet of retail space and an adjoining five-level garage. The building serves as the headquarters for several of AEGON's U.S. divisions. AEGON is the third largest insurance company in the U.S. The carved granite surfaces of AEGON Center ascent 35 stories to a dramatically lit Romanesque dome, establishing a strong architectural identity and a commanding skyline silhouette as Kentucky's tallest office tower. A special feature of AEGON Center is its half-acre plaza, which is paved in patterned granite and features decorative lamps, plants, flowering trees and four fountains. AEGON CEnter was completed in 1993.


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